November 3, 2010

Adipose Fat Doll Amigurumi

Materials:  White WW Yarn, F Hook, 9MM Safety Eyes (or whatever size you have)

Abbreviations:  SC = Single Crochet, ST = Stitch, SC2TOG = SC Two Together (Decreasing), SLPST = Slip Stitch

Notes:  MC = Magic Circle, not Main Color

R1:  6SC in MC
R2:  2SC in each ST around. (12)
R3:  SC1, 2SC in next ST.  (18)
R4:  SC2, 2SC in next ST. (24)
R5:  SC3, 2SC in next ST. (30)
R6:  SC8, 2SC in next 3ST, SC10, 2SC in next 3ST, SC6. (36)
R7-11:  SC around. (36)
R12:  SC6, SC2TOG three times, SC10, SC2TOG three times, SC8. (30)
R13-21:  SC around. (30)
R22:  SC3, SC2TOG around. (24)
R23:  SC2, SC2TOG around. (18)
R24:  SC1, SC2TOG around. (12)
R25: SC2TOG around. (6) Attach safety eyes and then stuff.

Arms (Make Two):
R1:  6SC in MC.
R2:  SC in each ST around.
R3:  SC1, 2SC in next ST, SC1, 2SC in next 2ST. (10)
R4:  SC around. (10)
R5:  SC3, SC2TOG, SC3, SC2TOG. (8)
R6 - 12:  SC around. Begin stuffing at R6.

Legs (Make Two):
R1: 6SC in MC.
R2: 2SC in each ST around. (12)
R3: SC2TOG twice, SC1, SC2TOG twice, SC3. (8)
R4-5: SC around.
R6: SC5, 3SC in next 3ST, CH1, turn.
R7: 2SC in each ST, DO NOT TURN, SC in next 2ST of R6, join to top of 1st SC of round, CH1, SC in same ST, SC around, join to 1st ST.

Sew on arms, then legs (stuff if you want), and embroider mouth.


UPDATED: 6/7/2015 -  ROUND 2 OF LEGS SHOULD HAVE HAD A "2SC in each ST around. (12)" which would make Round 3 add up correctly.


  1. Hey the adipose Fat Doll looks just like me! No fair, making a doll like that and posting it on the internet for all to see! LOL Cute! And I am adipose. Love God, too.
    Grandma Tacy

  2. OMG!!! SO CUTE!!!! Thank you for posting this!

  3. The leg pattern isnt making sense to me
    Maybe im counting wrong but should you start with 12 or is there a typo on round 3?

    1. LOUISE: Just worked this up on my own and R2 should start off with "2SC in each ST around. (12)".

      After that Round 3 would make more sense. Sorry as that, and please let me know if this worked out for you.

  4. Well, this is incredibly cute. Would look great in any colour - a squidgy little friend.