May 18, 2011

Cupcakeombis & The Innocentz

By Ivory Herman

Materials:  For Cupcakeombi - Gray (I used Simply Soft), Sage (something pale), Pink for "cherry".   For Innocentz - Brown, Blue Fun Fur (or whatever you have on hand that looks "innocent"), and Red for Cherry.   Use whatever colors you desire.  Red, Pink, Black embroidery floss.   Three 9/10mm safety eyes (use an odd one for the zombie, if your anal like me, you will end up making two zombies just to have an even amount of eyes).

The Innocentz
R1:  Using an E hook (w/ grey yarn), 6SC in a Magic Circle
R2:  2SC in each ST around. (12)
R3:  SC1, 2SC in next ST around. (18)
R4:  In BLO, SC around. (18)
R5:  SC around in each ST. (18)
R6:  SC2, 2SC in next ST around. (24) 

R7:  SC around. (24) **I reccommend adding a round piece of cardboard to the bottom of the cupcake for stability.**  Change to cake color.  ATTACH SAFETY EYES around R6 & R7.

R8:  Repeat round 7 in BLO. (24)
R9:  SC3, 1SC in next ST around. (30)
R10:  SC around. (30)
R11:  Repeat R10. (30)
R12:  SC3, SC2TOG. (24)
R13:  SC2, SC2TOG. (18)
R14:  SC1, SC2TOG. (12)
R15:  SC2TOG around. (6)  Fasten off, and stuff.  You do not have to sew the hole shut.  This is where the cherry will be placed later on.
Attach frosting yarn to R4 with a SLPST, CH1, SC in same place. * DC in next ST, SC in next ST, SLPST in next ST* around and join to BEG CH1.

Cherry On Top:
R1:  6SC in MC.
R2:  2SC in each ST around. (12)
R3:  SC around. (12)
R4:  Repeate R3.

1.  Sew cherry over hole of cupcake.
2.  Embroider any stitches or mouths, go crazy, I did.
3.  Hide all ends and enjoy your Cupcakeombis and Innocentz!

*Updated: 12/16/2011 - R7:  "Chane" is supposed to read "Change". 

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