March 22, 2018

Purple is my favorite color!

So I dyed my hair lol!

It took two attempts, but I got it.

What did I learn?  It's silly to be afraid of doing something different, because you might find that it's incredibly satisfying to do!   

March 7, 2018

Diamond Minecraft Sword (Knitting Pattern)

Chart at bottom of pattern!

BS = Border Stitch
K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast On

Size 5 or 4 knitting needles 
Cotton Yarn

CO 46 Stitches (BS is included in count)
*You can use whatever border you like, just make it 4ST wide.* 

Rows 1-4: K4 rows of any BS (I used K,P and P,K for alternate rows)

Row 5: (BS4) K38 (BS4)

Row 6: (BS4) P38 (BS4)

Row 7: (BS4) K38 (BS4)

Row 8: (BS4) P29,K6, P3 (BS4)

Row 9: (BS4) K3,P6,K29 (BS4)

Row 10: (BS4) P29,K2,P2,K2,P3 (BS4)

Row 11: (BS4) K3,P2,K2,P2,K29 (BS4)

Row 12: (BS4) P15,K4,P8,K2,P2,K4,P3 (BS4)

Row 13: (BS4) K3,P4,K2,P2,K8,P4,K15 (BS4)

Row 14: (BS4) P15,K2,P2,K4,P2,K2,P2,K2,P7 (BS4)

Row 15: (BS4) K7,P2,K2,P2,K2,P4,K2,P2,K15 (BS4)

Row 16: (BS4) P17,K2,P4,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 17: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K4,P2,K17 (BS4)

Row 18: (BS4) P19,K4,P2,K2,P11 (BS4)

Row 19: (BS4) K11,P2,K2,P4,K19 (BS4)

Row 20: (BS4) P17,K2,P4,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 21: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K4,P2,K17 (BS4)

Row 22: (BS4) P15,K2,P6,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 23: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K15 (BS4)

Row 24: (BS4) P13,K2,P6,K2,P2,K2,P2,K2,P7 (BS4)

Row 25: (BS4) K7,P2,K2,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K13 (BS4)

Row 26: (BS4) P11,K2,P6,K2,P6,K4,P7 (BS4)

Row 27: (BS4) K7,P4,K6,P2,K6,P2,K11 (BS4)

Row 28: (BS4) P9,K2,P6,K2,P19 (BS4)

Row 29: (BS4) K19,P2,K6,P2,K9 (BS4)

Row 30: (BS4) P7,K2,P6,K2,P21 (BS4)

Row 31: (BS4) K21,P2,K6,P2,K7 (BS4)

Row 32: (BS4) P5,K2,P6,K2,P23 (BS4)

Row 33: (BS4) K23,P2,K6,P2,K5 (BS4)

Row 34: (BS4) P3,K2,P6,K2,P25 (BS4)

Row 35: (BS4) K25,P2,K6,P2,K3 (BS4)

Row 36: (BS4) P3,K2,P4,K2,P27 (BS4)

Row 37: (BS4) K27,P2,K4,P2,K3 (BS4)

Row 38: (BS4) P3,K6,P29 (BS4)

Row 39: (BS4) K29,P6,K3 (BS4)

Row 40: P38

Row 41: K38

Row 42: P38

Row 43 - 46: BS

Cast Off.


Click to enlarge.

February 21, 2018

Dishcloths, dishcloths, dishcloths.. and more dishcloths! :)

One day I got bored and as I stared aimlessly into my yarn stash, I saw that I had many odd balls of cotton yarn that were not being used!   So I turned them into a franken-ball of yarn!  Ultimately, it lead to my marathon dishcloth knitting extravaganza.

And now I have a tower of dishcloths, made of scrap yarn and I am not ashamed of myself...... *sigh*....  Then I went to the new Hobby Lobby that opened up on my side of town.   Did I mention that they had nice 40-50% sales!  So what logic did I do?  I bought more yarn of course!  I wanted to try out their brand of cotton yarn.  The only thing that pisses me off about this yarn is the difference in yardage between verigated yarn and non-verigated.  You get less yarn if you buy verigated.  BOOOOOOOOO!

Unlike Michael's (SHADE SHADE SHADE) this sale extended to the coloring books, so I picked up this book for roughly $7!  :)

Then I began knitting another dishcloth with the Hobby Lobby cotton!  It feels less dry then Lilly's Sugar and Cream.

Here is my stitch porn.... hahahahaha.

Well, I have nothing else to say.  Enjoy.

Got these for V-Day 2018, from my husband!  

And this is from the kid!  I can't believe he's a third grader now! :(