March 7, 2018

Diamond Minecraft Sword (Knitting Pattern)

Chart at bottom of pattern!

BS = Border Stitch
K = Knit
P = Purl
CO = Cast On

Size 5 or 4 knitting needles 
Cotton Yarn

CO 46 Stitches (BS is included in count)
*You can use whatever border you like, just make it 4ST wide.* 

Rows 1-4: K4 rows of any BS (I used K,P and P,K for alternate rows)

Row 5: (BS4) K38 (BS4)

Row 6: (BS4) P38 (BS4)

Row 7: (BS4) K38 (BS4)

Row 8: (BS4) P29,K6, P3 (BS4)

Row 9: (BS4) K3,P6,K29 (BS4)

Row 10: (BS4) P29,K2,P2,K2,P3 (BS4)

Row 11: (BS4) K3,P2,K2,P2,K29 (BS4)

Row 12: (BS4) P15,K4,P8,K2,P2,K4,P3 (BS4)

Row 13: (BS4) K3,P4,K2,P2,K8,P4,K15 (BS4)

Row 14: (BS4) P15,K2,P2,K4,P2,K2,P2,K2,P7 (BS4)

Row 15: (BS4) K7,P2,K2,P2,K2,P4,K2,P2,K15 (BS4)

Row 16: (BS4) P17,K2,P4,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 17: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K4,P2,K17 (BS4)

Row 18: (BS4) P19,K4,P2,K2,P11 (BS4)

Row 19: (BS4) K11,P2,K2,P4,K19 (BS4)

Row 20: (BS4) P17,K2,P4,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 21: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K4,P2,K17 (BS4)

Row 22: (BS4) P15,K2,P6,K2,P2,K2,P9 (BS4)

Row 23: (BS4) K9,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K15 (BS4)

Row 24: (BS4) P13,K2,P6,K2,P2,K2,P2,K2,P7 (BS4)

Row 25: (BS4) K7,P2,K2,P2,K2,P2,K6,P2,K13 (BS4)

Row 26: (BS4) P11,K2,P6,K2,P6,K4,P7 (BS4)

Row 27: (BS4) K7,P4,K6,P2,K6,P2,K11 (BS4)

Row 28: (BS4) P9,K2,P6,K2,P19 (BS4)

Row 29: (BS4) K19,P2,K6,P2,K9 (BS4)

Row 30: (BS4) P7,K2,P6,K2,P21 (BS4)

Row 31: (BS4) K21,P2,K6,P2,K7 (BS4)

Row 32: (BS4) P5,K2,P6,K2,P23 (BS4)

Row 33: (BS4) K23,P2,K6,P2,K5 (BS4)

Row 34: (BS4) P3,K2,P6,K2,P25 (BS4)

Row 35: (BS4) K25,P2,K6,P2,K3 (BS4)

Row 36: (BS4) P3,K2,P4,K2,P27 (BS4)

Row 37: (BS4) K27,P2,K4,P2,K3 (BS4)

Row 38: (BS4) P3,K6,P29 (BS4)

Row 39: (BS4) K29,P6,K3 (BS4)

Row 40: P38

Row 41: K38

Row 42: P38

Row 43 - 46: BS

Cast Off.


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