September 2, 2013

Crocheted Hawaiian Wreath

BEG = Beginning, CH = Chain, DC = Double Crochet, FO = Fasten Off, HDC = Half Double Crochet , SC = Single Crochet, SLPST = Slip Stitch

Supplies: Wreath (12") / Bright Yarn For Flowers / Brown, Sage, Aran / F Hook / Tapestry Needle / Straight Pin / Parasol Tooth Picks / Ribbon or Scrap Yarn to hang wreath

Wreath Covering:

  1. With brown yarn and F hook, CH until you have a length that fits snugly around your foam wreath.
  2. In 2nd CH from hook HDC across, CH2, turn. 
  3. Repeat this step until your brown reaches halfway around the wreath, switch to sage and repeat until your sage reaches around the other half the wreath.
  4. With wrong sides on the outside, fold in half, join the top to the bottom by SLPST across. Turn inside out. 
  5. Using a strand of brown yarn, sew the brown part of the wreath covering together around the wreath. Change to sage and repeat for sage part of wreath.

 Flowers: With F Hook, CH4, 4DC in 4th CH from hook, SLPST into same ST. *CH3, 4DC in same ST, SLPST into same ST.* Repeat 2 more times for a total of four leaves. Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing.

Note:  Make enough to have two rows around brown half of the wreath. See picture 4 and 2 for placement.

Flip Flop (x2):

CH7 with F Hook and use whatever color yarn you want your flip flops in.

Row 1: HDC in next 2ST, SC, HDC in next 2ST, do 5DC in next ST.
Row 2: Going along the back of the CH7, HDC in next 2ST, SC, HDC in next 2ST, and SLPST to BEG HDC, FO and leave a tail for sewing.

Thong: Join another color in by SLPST into 1st HDC of row 1. CH4, SLSPT to base of DC in the middle of 5DC cluster. CH4, SLPST into the HDC that lines up with the one you started out in. FO weave in ends.

Picture 1 - Sage Yarn on Seam
Picture 2 - Flower Placement
Picture 3 - Parasol Placement
Picture 4 - Finished Product Pic. Ref.
  1. Hide the seams by attaching sage yarn, as shown in picture two.
  2. For grass skirt, attach aran yarn to bottom of wreath, on sage portion.
  3. Pin flowers around brown section of wreath, sew, hide ends.
  4. Sew down flip flops in the middle of the wreath or wherever you please.
  5. Add the parasols making sure to firmly press them into the foam.
  6. Weave yarn or ribbon under a few stitches on the top of the wreath, tie a knot or bow, and then hang.