June 6, 2013

The Popped Tart Amigurumi

Materials Needed:
W.W. Cotton for Poptart,
Pink Felt
Small beads
embroider thread (mouth and eye color)
Needle and Thread
G Hook
Tapestry needle
Poly-fiber fill

Row 1:  CH10, HDC in 2nd CH from hook and across, CH2, turn.
Row 2:  HDC across, CH2, turn (9ST).
Row 3:  Repeat row 2 seven more times.

Repeat for the back piece of the poptart.


  1. Trace one of the poptart pieces onto a piece of paper, cut out, then cut around the edges to the frosting looks gooey.
  2. Sew frosting to right side of poptart piece.
  3. Embroider eyes and mouth, do whatever expression you like, or even use safety eyes.
  4. Sew on beeds.
  5. Put other poptart piece on back, with cotton yarn, sew up the poptart, leaving a gap to stuff.
  6. Stuff and sew up hole.
  7. Hide ends, and try not to eat your poptart, it's fake.
NOTE:  This pattern is untested, leave a comment if you find an error.  Thanks.  This might actually make a funny refrigerator magnet.

Or you could stuff it with some potpourri and stick it in your purse.

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