February 1, 2011

The Bikini Square - 8"

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Special Stitches:
  • FPPOPCORN = A popcorn stitch done in the front post of the DC in previous round.
  • 3HDC Popcorn = Popcorn stitch done with 3HDC.
R1: With H hook CH4, 15DC in 4th CH from hook, join to top of CH4.

R2: CH3, in same ST, DC, CH2, 2DC, *1DC in next 3ST, in next ST do 2DC,CH2,2DC* repeat 2 times, DC3, join to BEG CH3.

R3: SLPST into corner, CH3, DC, CH2, 2DC, *(CH1, FPTRC in DC of R1 –the one next to BEG CH3 -, CH11, SLPST in top of FPTRC, FPPOPCORN in 3rd DC from corner, DC, FPPOCORN, FPTRC in DC nearest corner of R2, CH11, SLPST in top of FPPOCORN) in corner 2DC, CH2, 2DC.* Do * -* 3x and (-) once, join to BEG CH3.

R4: SLPST to corner, CH3, DC, CH2,2DC (*DC in next 2ST, DC in CH spot, in BLO do the following ST - DC in FPTRC, in popcorn of previous round, in next DC, popcorn & next FPTRC. - DC in next CH spot and next 2ST* in corner 2DC,CH2,2DC) do (-) 2x and ** once.

R5: SLPST into corner, CH3, DC, CH2, 2DC (*DC, CH1, SKPST, YO pick up CH11 and DC going through loop [CH1, SKPST, DC in next ST] x4, CH1, SKPST, YO and pick up next CH11 and DC through loop, CH1, SKPST, DC) in corner 2DC,CH2,2DC* do ** two times and (-) once and join to BEG CH3.

R6: SLPST into corner, CH3, DC, CH2, 2DC, CH1, SKPST, DC in next DC, *([CH1, SKPST, DC in next spot] seven times, CH1, SKPST, DC in between next 2DC, CH1), SKPST, in corner 2DC, CH2, 2DC* do ** three times and (-) once.

R7: SLPST to corner, CH2, HDC, CH2, 2HDC (*CH1, [3HDC popcorn in next CH1 spot, CH1] ten times) 2HDC, CH2, 2HDC in corner. * do ** 3 times and (-) one time. Join to BEG CH2.

R8: SLPST into corner, CH2, HDC, CH2, 2HDC (in BLO HDC, HDC – not in BLO) across, in corners do 2HDC, CH2, 2HDC.

UPDATED:  11/03/2011 - R3 and R7.  4/28/13 - R2 changed for clarity.


  1. Beautiful square! I love it! Thanks so much for your generosity in sharing your talent and free pattern.

  2. Thanks TallGirl, I appreciate your comment.

  3. Love this and would like to make, I don't understand the DC3 in row 2 is it double crochet 3times in same spot then do the shell in that spot as well?. I'm new and thought this would be something I could do
    Thank you.