October 25, 2012

Basket In The Window - 6" Afghan Square

Materials: W.W. Yarn, H Hook (or size needed for gauge), Tapestry Needle 

Abbreviations Used: CH = Chain, DC = Double Crochet, HDC = Half Double Crochet, ST = Stitch, SLPST = Slip Stitch, FPDC = Front Post Double Crochet, TRC = Treble Crochet, SKP = Skip, BEG = Beginning, FO = Fasten Off, BG1 = Beginning Corner 1, C1 = Corner One, BG2 = Beginning Corner 2, C2 = Corner 2, BLO = Back Loop Only

· Beginning Corner 1 (BG1) = Ch3, DC, CH2, 2DC
· Corner 1 (C1) = 2DC,CH2,2DC
· Beginning Corner 2 (BG2) = CH2, HDC, CH2, 2HDC
· Corner 2 (C2) = 2HDC,CH2,2HDC

Row 1: CH4, join to form loop.
Row 2: CH3, 15DC in loop. Join to BEG CH3.
Row 3: In same spot as joining, CH3, DC, CH2, 2DC. *DC3, do C1.* around and join with a SLPST to BEG CH3.
Row 4: Do BG1. *CH3, FPDC around 4th DC of previous row, CH3, do C1.* repeat for all sides and join with a SLPST to BEG CH3.
Row 5: Do BG1. *CH2, going behind the CH3 of previous row TRC in 1st skipped DC of row 4. TRC in next DC, CH1, (this time hold the CH3 behind your work) TRC in next two DC of previous row, CH2, C1* repeat for all sides and join to BEG CH3.
Row 6: Do BG1. DC in each ST across, doing 2DC in each CH2 spot, work C1 in other three corners, join to BEG CH3 with SLSPT.
Row 7: Do BG2. *HDC, in BLO HDC around, doing C2 in other three corners.* FO and weave in tails.

UPDATED: 03-17-2010

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