November 18, 2009

Birthday Boy and Vaccinations

This past Saturday, November 14th, my son Noah turned one year old! The first time I really thought about him being a year old, it almost made me cry. I was at the mall in the play area with my husband, letting Noah get some kid time in. Where has all the time gone? He grew up before my eyes!

Yesterday (Tuesday), Noah survived his 12 month vaccinations and they also took some blood from him as well, which they told me when I got there. I hated that, they had me hold his legs, and even though he was wearing a diaper, I felt him pee when they were sticking the needle in his arm. She had trouble finding his small veins too.

I decided on taking Noah somewhere to distract him from what he went through. So I went to the mall and took him to the play area and let him play for about an hour. He had a great time and fell asleep in the car almost instantly.
When I saw him sleeping it made me feel like a mother for the first time in a very long time. This weekend is my son's birthday party and we should have a wonderful time! I will definately post pictures later on.

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