July 16, 2010

Love affair with a balloon...

Noah and I took a drive out to the car insurance company, where he very politely pooped his pants, then we went straight home. Around noon we went to the Mall to walk around, I wanted a knecklace to wear to a dance I am going too. On the way to the store in the mall, I stopped and got my son a balloon. He loved that dang balloon, never let it out of his sight. It had an anchor on it so it wouldn't go flying off. I took him to the play area, he dragged it everywhere, even through the hallowed out log.

The cutest moment is when he was sitting in the red car, then he remembered that he didn't have the balloon in sight. Then he got out and started looking for it. The funny thing is, he was sitting on the cord of the balloon and never saw it when he got up. When he started crying I ran and handed it back to him. It was one of those precious moments!
Noah then decided to keep that balloon in the car and at home. Oh you should have seen the fit he threw when I didn't let him take it into a store or in the bathtub.

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