August 16, 2010

Seeing Humor in it All

My morning started when I got out of bed and fell flat on my face b/c I was half asleep and didn’t realize that my leg was asleep. Sigh… and do you know that I called out for my husband and told him I fell down. He kept on sleeping.

Not surprised, his mother told me he wouldn’t wake up for her when a tornado was in their neighborhood. She dragged him off the couch and finally just left him in the stairwell b/c she couldn’t get him down the stairs.

I guess I will go cook breakfast, want to try this eggs in purgatory recipe and then I gotta mail a car payment.. which by the way we had to replace all friggin four tires this Saturday. That shot the entire day, that was family time. Last week was good until Friday. My son was picked on at the mall play area by two twin girls and a little boy that were around his age. The girls kept pushing him and the boy would walk up and smack him. Then he was finally pushed down flat on his back! I was so pissed, atleast the dad of the boy who did apologized to me and the other dad took his girls out of the play area. I couldn’t help but wonder if he wasn’t on the darn cellphone the whole time then maybe he would see that his girls were pushing Noah.

Sigh. Atleast the movie we went to see "Inception" was good! It's totally a psychologal thriller and it was written very well. I thought I would hate seeing a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio in it, but he did a good job.

Just some random stuff I did in photoshop. I feel the need to have a picture here lol.

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