August 30, 2010

Some Patterns Should NOT Be Free

I am writing in regards to a recent post made on this blog regarding how all patterns should be given away for free! And what "get's my goat" is how the person who wrote this blog is a designer!
I have found that many people are trying to make a living creating these
patterns which I will admit. Take many hours to create.
Trying to make a living? No, not everyone can make a living off of composing knit/crochet patterns. Infact, as one commenter pointed out, there are lots of fees involved, depending on what site you use. I personally prefer Etsy, which cost .20 to list an item; however, on Ravelry there is no charge, but at the same time I have gotten alot more sales from Etsy. So ontop of paying for a listing charge, you will have to pay a fee to Paypal, if you use them. Oh and then you have to pay a percentage off of those sales, ontop of the listing fees.

Putting these all together in one book is going to drive the cost up even more. You have to pay the publisher, pay for printing the books, and share your profit with whatever vender you sell with.
I say whatever and shame on those people for trying to become
And do you think I am going to get rich from selling my patterns? No, I don't expect to get rich, but it does help to have some pocket money to help fund my yarn and supplies. Four and five dollars is not alot to pay for a more complicated pattern (like a doily or an amigurumi), but if that price were tacked onto a thing like a six inch afghan square, then obviously I am not going to purchase it. Use your brain people.

Oh and another thing, it really ruffles my feathers when you go and make a comment like the one above! Who are you to sit there and get down on people for trying to earn a few dollars to help them or their families out? It's quite rude and frankly, you sound like a blubbering child.

If the price on a pattern bothers you so darn much, then don't look at it, click out of the window and stop complaining.

Oh and I just visited the website of the blog owner, they are selling hyperlinks (to your online store) for $2.00 (a onetime fee). You also sell instructional videos! LOL.

And who is trying to get rich? Hmm.


  1. here - here - I totally agree with you!

  2. Good for you!
    I can't afford to buy patterns very often but I so agree with you.

    But for some "designers"
    I do question however, those who take a pattern from a vintage book and post it as their own, with the disclaimer "not for use for sale" Lady, I probably have that pattern in the original book which did not include restrictions for use.

    Recently found a pattern on line for a scarf.
    Chain 32,
    dble cr in each chain until you reach desired length.

    Not for use for sale.

    Are you kidding?

    Copyright and keep the restrictions on your beautiful, ORIGINAL patterns and hopefully earn enough money to fund your next project. But leave obvious "patterns" and their variations in public domain.