December 30, 2010

Oh Christmas Barf...

Neeldepoint done by MIL
     Well, here is my one unqiue Christmas story that I will be laughing about next year.  You see, I woke up on Christmas day with headache pain.  Then it evolved into massive migraine, which then mutated into hammer head migraine.  You know the ones that are sinus related and make you feel as if your head is being pounded on with a hammer?  That is how it felt.  I took a Tylenol before I left, then took a sudafed to help the sinus pressure, and since neither of those stopped the pain, I got some Motrin from a gas station.  I was surprised how many people where in a gas station on Christmas.   Anyways.
Driving down the road I begin to feel nauseated and started to feel that genuine feeling of wanting to "spew" (Wayne's World reference lol).  Looked at my husband, "Uh, don't want to alarm you but I feel nauseated." That is when I noticed that we were now going speedily down the road.  

When we got to the MIL's house, I was fine, until I needed to go potty.  It's like I unconsciously thought, "I can't let it rip now!"  but my brain was saying "OH HELL NO!"  That was a lovely way to start my Christmas, but I made it through the day and the Motrin actually did help.  Oh and I had a lovely time at the inlaws house.

Screw you Tylenol.

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