February 12, 2011

Annoyed with Etsy Sellers

I was asked to crochet two newborn cocoons for a friend of mine that is a photographer. So I went on Etsy.com and let her pick out what design she liked. She picked a really simple pattern and when I got to studying it, it’s just made with bulky yarn and a Q hook. Ok, but the whole thing is made of SC done in rounds. I can do that without needing to buy a pattern.

Plus I found a free one that is done with bulky yarn and SC in the round. So I got to reading this ladies listing and she said plainly “Do not sell items made from my patterns unless you buy a cottage license.” This license is a $50 fee that would allow you to sell items made with her patterns.

I can understand not selling her patterns, but I find it utterly ridiculous when there are free patterns of the same thing written by two different authors and both are made of SC in the round. ANYONE could make that up over and over again.

Why charge such a stiff fee??? Being a designer I can see how crazy this is, but someone who doesn’t know how to design stuff, would probably find this crazy too. They would probably shop somewhere else for a similar pattern.

Yes, I intend on making those newborn cocoons, and I will sell them, and NO I am not purchasing a pattern that anyone could do in their head.
Honestly, it’s kind of ridiculous what people want to charge for.

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  1. Absolutely crazy, I agree. When it comes to the basics, who's to say who actually came up with it first? If you made an item with your two hands, it's YOUR creation to sell, period.