September 2, 2011

Age of Empires Online

My Greek city, with Egypt Sphinx
So I've been playing this game called "Age of Empires Online," since this past November when it was still in beta testing.  Never before was I that into an Age of Empires game, infact, I only playled it because Robert (redhrts) was into this game, and I wanted to have something in common with my boyfriend (at the time).

Funny how things go, I ended up going further in the game then he did, mainly because he has a job and I don't (well a paid job). 

The basic "jist" of the game, you are god and you get to build an economy and army, then go out and smash the crap out of your enemies.  It can be epic, it can be humiliating, and it can cause others to cuss you out like a sailor who just got spurned. 

The game is free to play; however, the free to play aspect is basically a glorified demo, and you don't get much but some quests and pvp.  The quests offer up rewards, that have items in that only "premium" players can use. 

My Egypt Civ.
The pricing isn't that bad, it's basically a "buy only what you want" scheme.   So I bought an Egypt city, and I like it, infact, I played it back in the beta.  Right now there is only Greek and Egypt to play, but they are awesome.  They offer a "season pass" which is 100.00 for any content that comes out within the next six months.  That comes to 16.99 a month, which is a decent price, it's cheaper than buying one civ for $20. 

I don't really want all that crap, so I just bout the Egypt civ.  Well anyways, that is what I have been doing for awhile now.

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