September 28, 2011

Children with Disabilities

This article really angers me!  What in their right mind makes them think that it is alright to stick vinegar soaked cotton balls in the mouths of children?  Why would they force children to ride treadmills even when they say they don't want to.

Oh my gosh, they wouldn't do this to non-handicapped children, and you know why?  Because this is nothing short of bullying!

Pathetic adults, bullying children who can't stand for themselves.  Jerks!

I don't understand why people do this?  These children are not freaks, pariahs, or any less valuable than children without disabilities!  They need more attention, but that is ok!

Do you realize that this is what you would do to people in the middle ages?  Yeah, and I thought we lived in the 20th century where people understood how to deal with people who have disabilities.

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