September 14, 2011

WTF Was I Thinking? Worst Movie Ever.

Warning:  If You Love Twilight, then turn back, you have been warned.

Yesterday I was looking for something to watch, so I turned on "Twilight" the first movie of the series.  It stars Bella and Edward (a vampire).  So I watched it and frankly, I wasn't impressed at all, infact, I wish I hadn't wasted my time!

Here is my sarcastic summary.

Bella moves from Arizona, goes to school, meets pedophile vampire, stalks him, he stalks her, and in two seconds they fall in love.  He meets Bella's dad, she meets his "family" and almost dies.  Edward has to save her by sucking venom out of Bella, or else she becomes a vampire.  He saves her and then she wakes up in a hospital and her mom tells her she just fell down the stairs.

So after much disgust, I thought "Perhaps it gets better in the second movie."  Then Edward dumps Bella, telling her "I shouldn't have let this go on for so long."  Um ok, what the hell is wrong with you?  She gets all sick in the middle of a forrest, gets carried out of the woods by  Indian Fabio boy, and then falls in love with her other friend Jacob. 

This would make sense if they established Jacob's character alot better, like give him more screen time, or atleast some backstory.  When he cut his hair, I didn't even recognize who he was.  Anyways, when she was attacked by that Jamaican vampire, and rescued, I just couldn't watch anymore.

Sigh.  You know, this had the potential to be a very good movie; however, I think the actors killed it.  "Interview With A Vampire," a movie I watched when it first came out, was much more enjoyable. 

My other beef, there is only one scene in the first movie explaining Edwards origin as a vampire.  There is no story showing how he got to the hospital after being sick.  As far as I am concerned, it would have made more  sense to write him as a brain dead zombie, because I couldn't tell he was a vampire if I knew nothing about this series.

Or it was just the horrid acting.  I am not excusing anything.


  1. Read the books and then watch the movies. Makes more sense. The books are better than the movies.

  2. I agree, the book is always better. I just don't think the producers interpreted this book very well.

    Some of the characters could be fleshed out more, like Edward. He just reads flat to me, nothing there. I just think that is the actor, couldn't be that way in the book.

    I hate not reading books before wathcing the movie version.

    My biggest example is the Chronicles of Narnia. The new movies have some discrepencies and missing scenes (I know everything couldn't possibly fit in).

    Prince Caspian had some changes I didn't like, but the movie was good (Susan had no crush on Caspian - she was the angry one, not Peter).

    There was a book I read in school called "The Incredible Journey" about three male animals that cross the country to find their owners. A golden retriever, pit bull, and a cat. All males in the book. In the movie the cat is female.

    Anyways, I've done gone into a rant. Excuse me. LOL.