October 14, 2011

Confession: I Love Korean T.V. Shows, Like "Jewel In The Palace"

One day I was looking through what was offered on Hulu and found this show and out of pure curiosity I decied to watch it.  To my luck it was subtitled!  These episodes can be up to 1hr and 20m long, which is long for a show, but it's not American, so it's expected.

I haven't quit watching this show since the first episode, I am hooked!  It actually has a great plot line, character development, conflict, conflict resoultion, and sometimes the good guy dosn't win!  It's about a girl who becomes a court lady in the kitchen of the King. 

Did I mention that I love stories that involve details?  This is one detailed story involving food, history, and fiction.

A good watch indeed.  Think I will go see what's happening to Jang-Geum now.

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