November 15, 2011

Noah's Third Birthday!

Yesterday was my son's third birthday.  Noah, Robert, and I went to the zoo on a Monday.  In Toledo, residents with a Lucas County address on their driver's license can get into the zoo for free from 10am-Noon.

This time we got to see the polar bears up close and it was amazing to see an animal that huge.  Noah absolutely loved the bears.  He didn't quite get animals like the seals and hippos, but I can understand why a three year old wouldn't notice them. 

We then went into the aquarium becuase it was starting to rain outside.  I love to see all the different fish, and I take my time; however, my son decided to run to every tank and squeal "Fish!"  My husband didn't mind chasing him, or atleast, I think he didn't!  I had to much fun with this goramy who liked to intimidate me by opening his mouth and shaking his head.  He had to be the ugliest thing I ever saw, but it was funny how this fish was acting.

The funny fish.
I got to see my sea horses and I was happy!  However, due to the rain most of the animals were hiding out in their enclosures.  No lion, sloth bear, tiger, or snow leapord!  Oh and the elephants were put away as well!  Boo!  But I still had fun seeing what I could see.

The "Horseies" according to Noah.
Noah got a gift from the toy shop and we got him lunch.  Then we chilled out at home because we were all tired and cold! 

Noah's Toy Snake, he never stops hitting me with it.
We got Noah a birthday pizza and some wings for us, and I made him a cake.  I bought trick candles from Walmart, and the trick was on me, because the candles didn't work.  Except for one!

These past two years with Noah were some of the greatest years of my life.  He's my blessing and I love him so much.

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