March 29, 2012

Crochet Nerdigurumi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crochet Hook Pattern
I would like to personally thank Nerdigurumi for the most epic crochet pattern out there on the internet!  HOLY CRAP I LOVE IT!!!

Just don't like my version of it; however, I will make a new one and I will find better eyes for it.

Why must I obsess over a pattern until it looks just as cute as the picture?  Because that is my problem.


  1. I love the face on your crochet hook, it certainly is an original creation, what do you call it the happy hooker? lol :-) My hubby seems to think that your latest pride and joy in the picture might be able to be a measure of birth control :-). Of course he is just kidding, your creation should be the trophy (the Oscar equivalent) for the person who crocheted the most beautiful afghan this year!
    I'm nearly finished little pink cell phone covers for my girls Tracfone smart phones so they don't scratch their touch screens as the phones cost me $50 ea. You're not going to find a cheaper family cell phone plan anywhere else I've tried, I'm paying $6/month for 40minutes of talk time for each of my girls.
    I've been asked by the girls from my book club to crochet modern bright colored nook covers for them with flowers on them, I can't wait to get started.

  2. Hi, I admire your crochet hook I think it is great. I am sorry if I offended you yesterday, I was just trying to be light hearted but I did not want to upset you. You are a leader in crochet and you inspire us, thank you for going out there and trying new things as most of us are not great at pioneering. Please forgive me and keep trying your new creations, you are brave and creative and are not afraid to try something new. I do admire you.

  3. I didn't quite get what your comment was about, but I was't offended.