March 8, 2012

My Design Process (Preview of March Pattern of the Month)

My design process usually begins with a sketch of the actual item I want to create.  I know this is a horse with two legs, but I didn't feel the need to draw them, because obviously there will be four crocheted legs.   I do like to number the parts, in order to figure out what kind of job I got going for myself.

I draw these sketches to help me figure out where increase and decreases will be placed on the item.  Sometimes the sketch and the actual crochet item don't match up, but it's ok.   Doing a sketch actually helps you figure out how to make a pieces that would otherwise seem complicated.  It's also good for placement of limbs and eyes.

Next is the rough draft of the horse.  I have not sewed any limbs on, but I did sew on an eye patch to both sides of the head.  I use straightpins to line up the parts on the body, to make sure everything is going to stand correctly.  I also had to add the eyes because I needed to cap the nose and wouldn't be able to get them in otherwise.

It's alot easier to pin the limbs on and line them up then hold each one and hope they line up in the end.   That method dosn't work, from personal experience.

After I am sure that I like all the limbs where they are, I sew them all one, and tuck the ends in the body.  Then you add any embelishments, like hair.

I actually decided to do the horses hair.  This is the finished product.
Take some pictures and share them with friends!

And that is my design process incase you were wondering.  This is also a preview of my newest pattern.  LOL.

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