April 6, 2013

Why do I like this picture so much?

     This is the most pointless blog ever, but for some reason I like taking up close shots of the stitches I do in my work.   This is part of a dishcloth that I crocheted for a round robin in my online group (the link to my crochet group is in the side bar).

     On top of crochet, I have been knitting and making Yoda's on the side.  I had an anal moment yesterday and started uploading all these projects to Ravelry, because I wanted to catalog them lol.   Then I thought how I love to crochet and keep track of things, Ravelry suits my personality.  I just don't like to sell things there because I have sold about three patterns in the past five years.  Etsy has gotten me a hell of alot more sales.

     Easter 2013 was fun, I made Noah a basket, we colored eggs an he made me take pictures of himself with the eggs.  No joke!   Oh I am responsible for the black colored egg, it was my attempt at making a purple egg.  I was rather disappointed that the egg dye kit didn't come with purple.  I guess I am just going to go by my own food coloring next year and since I had fun buying Noah stuff for a basket, I'll do that again.  Just didn't want to spend $10 on a crappy basket full of toys that break when you gently touch them.  

I had it hidden in a bag so he wouldn't see while I was making it.  Well, I need to make a run to the post office so I am going to end this blog here.

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