September 24, 2009

How's about an update?

That is a recent project I finished, was thinking about making dishcloths to sell at our church's yardsale in October.

These past two weeks haven't been that great at all, it seems like I am constantly fighting depression and other things that I wont mention. I realize that I have formed this habit of thinking about self harm when I am under real stress. Alot has changed since I had my baby, and I am not saying he's the source of my stress, just that things changed apon his arrival. I think he was the best thing that has entered my life since my husband.

Alot has gone on between Robert and I; however, I was listening to this radio station talk about those who give up on marriage to easily. One caller said she refused to give her husband a divorce, he left her for three years before he came back. They are currently in the process of reconciling with each other.

My mother called me from Lorain, OH, saying that she just drove by a man wearing a rope around his kneck and standing on the 254 bridge by Hawk's Greenhouse. She told me that she didn't understand what in this world is worth killing yourself over. Well, when your in that mindset, logic is out the door. You don't care about the consequences of your actions.

Depression has an unrelenting nature, it comes and comes and comes. Thank God for giving me strength training because I am smart enough to not let it kill me.

Thank you God, for training a soldier that wont die.

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  1. Firstly - HUGS

    I too suffer from depression - but I am determined not to let it beat me.

    All I can suggest is to talk to your partner about how you are feeling - if you don't tell them - they don't know?

    I love your dishcloth!