March 17, 2010

To Crochet With A Purpose?

On one side of me I have an entire grocery bag full of cotton yarn, and on the other side of me I have an entire bag full of "I Love This Yarn" by Hobby Lobby. You would think that I would get all excited about all the yarn, for me, the colors excite me more.

What is driving me nuts is how I can't figure out what to crochet next. The otherday I made two squares and sewed them together, with the intentions of making them into a drawstring bag, but then I thought "Why am I making this?" Then I shoved the bag into the bottom of another bag.

Have you ever felt this way? Can you crochet things without a purpose for crocheting them? I am lost on the internet with endless project ideas, yet can't find anything that suits my fancy. This is a shame, a pure shame!

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