April 2, 2010

Stubborn Tenacity!

Ok, first I have to mention that my article for Crochetspot has been published! I am so excited and have come to the realization that it is so much fun writing about something your passionate about. Check out my article "Tips on Reading Crochet Patterns".

Onto what I want to blog about. Why in the world would I name my blog post "Stubborn Tenacity"? Well, because I have been dabeling in knitting, it's the original craft I started out with before I was introduced to crochet. I must say that all I can do right now is knit and purl. This week, I have attempted about four different projects involving more advanced knitting skills and have failed miserably at them. A couple of times I threw down the needles and yarn and got very angry because I couldn't figure out these simple patterns.

Well, my stubborn streak set in and I thought to myself "Why am I letting something so simple overcome me?" And that is when I picked the needles back up and kept knitting. I am kind of stuck on this, I don't know why it's so important to finish. I find it kind of funny that I am not giving up, no matter how many times I frog something!


Here is one project I did manage to finish successfully. I do have a crocheted amigurumi, but I can't show it because it's my swap partners honor to see first.

Oh this weekend is going to be sweet! My church is doing our annual easter egg hunt. Here is the twist, we put our eggs in hay, because it would be hard to hide 20,000 eggs. LOL. No, I am not joking. Pictures will come soon!

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