October 15, 2010

Crochet In The Dark

In my last post I made a list about things to keep your sanity.  So I stated that it would be fun to crochet in the dark, and then one of my friends decided to say that would actually be fun to do.  Then they told me not to use my Crochetlite hooks, because it would make it cheating lol.  Yeah! :) 

Ok, incase your wondering, these are Crochetlite hooks, they have lights inside of them so you can crochet anywhere, anytime!  Oh yeah.  Anyways, I went off to complete my challenge.

First, I picked my hook, which I thought was a size H, but after crocheting for awhile I realized that I had picked up a size I hook instead.  That I realized to late, but it worked out anyways.

So I decided to crochet from memory because I can't read in the dark.  I crocheted a five round granny square.  This would involve SLPST, DC, and joining in the dark.  This should be easy right?  So I went to my nearest tote, which was a bag of crochet cotton and picked out in the dark a skien of yarn.  I ended up picking a skien of yarn that was banana yellow.

The difficult part was trying to guess where the loop was.  I CH4 and joined to form a loop, then CH3 and so on.  I had to feel with my fingers what I was doing most of the time.  Sometimes I lost count and didn't realize.  All in all, the granny square didn't look that bad.  I just think I will frog it later on lol.

Five Round Granny Square Crocheted in the Dark

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  1. Not bad at all Ivory... considering I'm "guilty as charged" for the idea (not sure if I was the one that vetoed the idea of the Crochetlite hooks tho!!).

    Interesting concept, I'm wondering if blind people could crochet as well as we can normally, since (and no disrespect intented, I have a fair few blind friends)they are 'in the dark' all the time.

    There is one square I do all the time that I can literally crochet in the dark because well.... I practically had to living in the farmhouse (a la Laura Ingalls Wilder 'Little House') with oil lamps and open fires. You couldn't see to read a pattern in that light, so you did things you did over and over again so much so that the pattern is ingrained in my memory forever.

    I don't think there is any copyright on this pattern as it's been around for that long - (I've written it here in US terminology for you)

    Magic loop starter - 16dc into ring, fasten with sl st.

    3ch, *1dc, 1ch* into each dc around, fasten with sl. st.

    Sl. st into first 1ch sp, 2ch, 2dc, *3dc into next ch sp** repeat from * to ** around, fasten with sl. st.

    3ch, sl st in space between the 3 dc, repeat twice, 6 ch and slip stitch in next space between, *3ch, sl st in space between, 3 times, 6 ch and sl. st between** repeat from * to ** 2 more times (should have 4 'corner' loops of 6 chain with 3 loops of 3 chain between).

    Sl st into first 3 chain space. 2ch, 2dc, 3dc into next 3ch space, continue doing 3dc into each 3ch space, in each corner work 3dc, 2ch, 3dc, fasten with sl. st (should now be vaugely square rather than circular!)

    2ch, 1dc in each dc around, 2dc into each corner 2ch (unless you want to make the square bigger in which case 1dc, 2ch, 1dc into the 2ch space). Fasten off. (Makes a 6" square with a G or H hook (I'm not sure as I use an 8mm hook)

    When I do the final round I make 'stripes' of colour by pulling up the first 2 loops of the dc in one colour and finishing it in the next colour...makes for a cool square!! And literally I do these EVERYWHERE.. on the bus, Watching TV, in bed when I'm sick....

    Have fun and keep smiling!