November 22, 2010

Thanks Giving Sunday (At Church)

This past Sunday was really nice, the pastor did a really neat visual aid with her sermon and it was kind of funny to see all that.  She manages to make some of the most interesting visualizations.

This past Sunday my church had it's own Thanks Giving dinner.  It was a wonderful time, got to socialize with lots of people.  You can see Noah's head in the picture lol.
I decided I didn't want to be in the picture.  That is Matt and Rio with the other baby.  Then there is Jeremiah and Adrian, the blonde at the end is Jenn, my little instigator. 

Anyways.  It was nice to see everyone, oh and the food was wonderful.

Now I am looking forward to the actual holiday with my in laws.  Going to Crestline, OH to see the hubby's family. 

In other news my son turned two on the 14th of November, my husband turned 27 today! :) 

I am working on a blanket for Robert, have it half done.  Just threw this picture in for the heck of it.

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