December 2, 2010

Worst holiday presents... My reply to MP Dunleavey

On one of my random trips to MSN messesnger I spotted an article that caught my interest.  "15 Worst Holiday Gift Ideas" and thought I would take a gander.

1.  Self help bull crap.  - I agree here, who in their mind gives a gift that insults someone at the same time.  That is called being a selfish a-hole (for lack of a better term).  IN THE TRASH IT GOES.

2.  Useless gadgets. - Nothing like getting an electronic item you will use a few times and then toss in the trash when it's obsolete.  IN THE TRASH THAT ONE GOES.

3.  Lingere - Face it, it's for your husband not you.  You wont even use this one for more than what?? Two minutes.  IN THE TRASH IT GOES.

4.  Weapons - Who the hell buys their kid a weapon?  Uh no, you don't deserve to be a parent if you buy your kid anything that brings harm to someone.  IMMEDIATELY TRASHED.
5.  BOGO -  Because you justified your impulse buy by giving one as a gift.  TRASHED.

6.  Regifted Item - I don't want last years junk.  TRASHED.

7.  Gag gifts.  - Not a gift, a means to cause embarassment to someone on a holiday that is supposed to be pleasant.  TRASHED.

8.  BOOKS - Lady you have got to be kidding me?  A book is a bad idea?  What if that book is your child's favorite author.   So now we are discouraging literacy and encouraging faces plastered to television and computer monitors.   Reading a book is not evil.   Take the time to pick out  one that you know the reciever will like.

9.  Handmade items??? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME.   So far all the stuff you said to not buy  up until the book item, is a bunch of crap and I agree with you.  However, this  no book and handmade items are quite stupid.

Who wants to receive a gift that everyone else has?  Who wants to look like every other joe-shmoe.   A handmade item has more heart in it then any mass produced item.  Oh and not to mention that item was made by an American and not some Chinese man/woman.   I have no problem with China; however, I think locally made is awesome.

Plus, you can keep this treasure for much longer than anything else.  If you were given an item from a store, would you take more care of that then something handmade?  No, I would keep my handmade item safe.  I appreciate the effort and thought that went into making that gift. 

If gift giving is from the heart, then I want handmade! NOT CRAP.

I am done with my rant now.

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