December 16, 2010

Cookies on the brain.

When I was little, I had a great grandmother who made such lovely cookies.  She made snow balls, hershey kiss cookies, tricorn hats (they had jelly in folded up pastry), and many others.  I never thought making this silly cookies would bring back such fond memories for me.  These were happy times when I would go to grandma's house and sneak one out of thre freezer while she wasn't looking. 

She started making them for the Christmas season, and would freeze them as she went along.  Come Christmas time out came the containers and we ate till our heart's content.  On top of that we had lots of pumpkin pie and whatever else suited our fancy that year.  Nobody was allowed to open presents until everyone was done eating.  We had so many people come over that we had to have a kitchen table put in the living room and all the fixings were in the middle of the table.  The kids were made to sit at the kids table in the kitchen.  I guess this is what Christmas was for me.  Those times of pure joy when I ate my fill in cookies and then ripped open the gifts.

The kids would throw all the paper underneath the table and then crawl around in it! It made for fun times.  On ocassion before Christmas Eve we would wrap ourselves and try to get into the Christmas presents.  My cousin liked to open them the night before when everyone was asleep, then he would try to wrap them again.  Until he messed one up so bad that he had to get a whole new sheet of paper.  Perhaps that is why grandma gave up on buying us gifts and just gave us money!

Then my baby cousin came into our lives and we had fun torturing him before Christmas. We'd tell him Santa wasn't coming or pretend to call Santa and tell him that my cousin was bad and to give him a lump of coal.  He believed every bit of it. 

Now that I am a mom myself and have a beautiful child to take care of, I look forward to making these kind of memories for my son.  He's such a sweetheart and deserves to be happy.   I thought I would miss those times so much, but I find joy and peace in knowing that I can create those memories for myself.  Instead of mourning the past I can make and remake new times for myself and my son (and any future children).

Noah, Grandma, Mattie
I swear, I am in a love/hate relationship with Christmas this year.  This weekend my husband and I are going to Bronners in Frankenmuth, MI and I want to buy some Christmas ornaments.  Atleast two of them! 

Well, see ya'll later.

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