December 9, 2010

Thursday, Oh Thursday!

I suppose I will keep blogging about my week, read the last post if you don't know what's going on.   Writing is a form of release for me, it's my way of expressing what is inside. 

Tuesday - the trial for Jan's murderer started, and it seems as if everything started resurfacing.  At the end of the day I was in tears because I just couldn't take it anymore.  No emotion from Ronald McCloud.

Wednesday - I was fine, especially when I found out about the DNA evidence.  STILL no emotion from Ronald McCloud.

Today - I am 100% sure that Ronald McCloud will not get away from his fate.  And you know what? I am ok with him spending his life in jail or waiting for his execution.  Today they discussed the DNA evidence and then they are going over motions.   FINALLY Ronald McCloud starts sobbing.  Wow.  I felt some victory because of this, he finally shows some remorse.  They found Jan's purse in Ronald's mother's house, he drove her car, and his DNA was on her body (her chest area).  Like the guy said, all evidence points to this one person. 

I feel as if closure is finally on it's way.  Just waiting for the verdicts to come along.  The defense is still trying to prove there was no kidnapping, yet she was held against her will and attacked him.  They argument is that she had to be moved in order to be kidnapped.  I feel differently!  Kidnapping is holding anyone against their will, location dosn't matter, moving them dosn't matter.   You can go into someone's home and kidnap them, keep them from going outside and cut them off from the world.  But according to this defense attorney, you have to be moved? What a lowsy argument.

Now they are saying the state failed to prove their evidence.  Yet they found DNA on her that was proven to be Ronald's DNA.  He had gashes and gouges on him. 

Oh wow! The judges are going to deliberate for a verdict.  We could know by 4pm (EST) what is going to happen with Ronald McCloud.  Thank God. 

Whatever happens will be in God's hands.  This trial was already decided back in 2005 by the God, the King of Kings.
A Pic posted by Court Reporter (before 2001)

Jan in 2001

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