December 8, 2010

What's been going on...

Incase your friends with me on Facebook and wondering what is going on with me posting about a trial, it is a murder trial for the man who killed my friend.  Since I am an hour and a half away I can't be there; however, one of the local reporters is tweeting live in the courtroom.  How nice huh? 

I find this convenient and strange.  Yesterday the shock of everything just put me to tears, but today I am dealing with it alot better than yesterday. 

My son was a little fiesty yesterday.  He kept knocking over a chair at my kitchen table and crying because I would not give him a sippy cup.  If he didn't turn it upsidedown and douse my table, I would let him have it.

Today he just is being his normal self and all.  He loves to find new things to fit himself into.

I also made some cookies yesterday.  I guess it was an attempt to keep my mind off other things.

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