January 6, 2011

Case for the Death Penalty

So I have been keeping up on the case of Ronald McCloud, the man who murdered my friend Jan in our church building June 4, 2005.  His mother is on the stand laying out his childhood before the whole world, and I must make this comment.  Shame on you!  I never would wish that on anyone, but you deserve to be shamed.  Perhaps being on the stand and having your comments reported for all the world to see is the shame that you needed to feel in order to realize your contribution to this society has caused a negative impact (the father is no better).
Who takes cocaine and perscription drugs while pregnant with their children?  Honestly, do you think it was a smart idea?  She lied to the doctors and social workers, beat her children, and before a social worker showed up at her home she would make her kids put up empty boxes of food to fool them.  She would force Ronald to be the man of the house and go with their father so she could be assured he would return home. 

Then she made the comment about feeling responsible for it all.  Of course, you are, 100% responsible for the man that became a psychopathic rapist.  Of course, you are not responsible for him making the choice to murder; however, you did influence his life in a very wrong way.
I wish she would be locked up.

She then made the comment, "I just want my son to have a chance."  The same son who was in and out of juvinile detention and then jail.  He had his chance repeatedly and repeatedly did he prove that he dosn't care about turning his life around.  He has a record going back to 1991 and after that it's private due to him being a juvenile.

She's just trying to save him from the death penalty, which by all means he does deserve.  Honestly, how many crimes must he commit in order for us to come to our senses and realize he's not going to change!  Mercy is the right thing to give, but repeated offenders ought not be let out into our society to run rampant. 
Forgiveness is key, but when you let it make you into a doormat that gets abused time and again, it is pointless.  Let him show his regret, remorse, and apologies by death penalty.  He dosn't deserve to live and breath the air we breath and eat the food we eat.  He dosn't deserve to enjoy the wonderful things of life, if he couldn't show mercy on someone who was showing him mercy to begin with. 

Jan was trying to be a good woman when she friended him.  She stood by her morals and values and wanted to be a witness of Jesus Christ.  And what did she get in return?  A violent rape and death. 

So, my case is for the death penalty.  Please protect our society by removing those who seek to turn it into something horrid.


  1. Those comments from his mother are a cop-out. Even if his life was not rosy doesn't mean he couldn't have grown up into a decent man. Read Sandra Lee's autobiography and you will agree that each of us determines our destiny. Blaming someone else doesn't work. Hope your friend's killer gets his justice.

  2. Charlotte - I agree, there are lots of cases where people have grown up with hard lives and made a good person out of themselves. Even if you had a crappy childhood and had all these influences, nobody forces you to kill someone.

    And if that is the case, then put the mother on death row too.