January 16, 2011

Facebook = Brain Sucking Zombie

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     You have no idea how many times I composed this blog and then deleted it because I thought it was either nonsense, stupid, or ranting about something that isn't important.  As I sit here I began to wonder why the heck I can't compose my thoughts enough to write a decent blog.
     Gee, maybe because I am on Facebook all the time posting a status message about this or that and whatever else meets my fancy.  This may sound weird, but I have this need to write and Facebook has become a means of choking that desire to use my brain for once.
     I've made the mistake of using it as a means to express myself instead of just composing a blog.  What's my excuse for keeping Facebook?  The people I couldn't keep in contact with without it.  Perhaps it's time to work on seperating social networking from my own life.
Maybe then I will finally be able to concentrate on creating something worthwhile.

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