February 17, 2011

Expectations of Intelligence

Before my son was born I decided that I would tream as an intelligent being, even when he was just a newborn.  Of course, he didn't know anything fresh out of the womb, but I know from experience that we fulfill our expectations uncounciously or not.   If I believe I am going to fail at something, I will more than likely fail.

I tell my son he's important, that he's wanted, and that he is a smart person.  I let him do things that reinforce that belief of mine. 

This past Christmas I bought Noah an educational bath toy.  A little bucket full of foam letters that stick to the wall in the bathroom.  Pretty soon he started picking them up and telling me which letters they are. 

Today I made flash cards out of printer paper and then wrote the alphabet out with markers in different colors.  I was kind of surprised at how many he got right!  He only missed 10 letters.  For being two years old I find that pretty good. I find it amazing how much a child can learn in such a short period of time.  I am not bragging to make other parents feel bad about there kids, just stating that my belief about expectations is a valid one indeed.

Gonna try going over the alphabet every day while he sits in his chair.

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