August 25, 2011

Don't Call My Name Roberto... Random Blog TIme

What would happen if I just wrote an entire blog of random thoughts?  And posted some pictures somewhere up in this blog to make it interesting?   You might get this hot mess.


So I've been excited to see "Glee" come back for a third season and I've been watching the producer's reality show "The Glee Project".   They had four contestants for the final show and the two top contenders got seven episodes and the others got two episodes.  So yeah, nobody lost on that season finale!  While I was reading on the internet I found out that one of the contestants that up and quit, is being recruited to act on the show.  What the heck?  Why you take a quiter Ryan? Why?


Do you donate stuff to charity that you crocheted, which you think is not your best work?   I am making this afghan, well, it's done, just gotta tuck in the ends.   Went to do that yesterday and saw a block in the middle of my afghan had a hole in it, from where the end of a row seperated from the original CH3.   I fixed it, had to put a not in it to stablize it (yeah, I just committed my pet peeve), and then sew it back together.   I used to not know how to tuck in the ends when I was learning how to crochet, and I regret that, but hey, the afghan still looks really good!

I am going to donate it, and would not let it go if it looked bad.  I'll post a picture of it later.  Don't have one now.  

I agree with my friend about sending bad work off to people who don't have much.  Why would you give someone having a crummy time, some piece of junk?  My thought is, would it really make them happy?  Send them something you made with love, and it will be a blessing to them, not a "Ok, yeah, this is cool."  *Toss a side.*


Just recently discovered this lady, and she is a great singer!  I love her voice and her vocal range is just great.  Why can't she be on Glee?  :)

Listen to it, love it.  Yeah.  Ok I am done blogging, time go sleep now.  Tank you (misspelled on purpose).

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