September 22, 2011

Sesame Street Spoofs Glee! FREAKING HILARIOUS.

Honestly, I do watch the television show Glee, was a skeptic of it at first, but then I got sucked into the awesomeness of the musicals.  Oh and Sue Sylvester is epic with her character.  I can't wait to see what the newest season brings as far as new characters and story arcs.

The season premier was interesting, Quinn turned goth/skank/punk - not sure with her.  Saw the girl on the right in the first episode and flipped out b/c she was cool!  Don't like how they protrayed her on the reality show; however, she's a great singer!

Samuel, Alex, Damian, Lindsay
The first guy (Samuel) and the one guy next to the girl (Damian - he's from Celtic Thunder) won the show with a prize of seven episodes!  Then they shocked everyone and gave the runner ups two episodes (Alex and Lindsay)!  And what do you know?  There were some contestants that also got some contracts from what I read on the internet.  One of them quit the reality show because it just wasn't "for him".   Mm, hmm.   Whatever.  

Samuel is awesome; however, Alex (the guy with the scarf) has such a wonderful range!  He can go from soprano to baratone (correct me if I am wrong).  He reminded me of Kurt on the show!  Can't wait to see how they fit all these people in.

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