May 18, 2016

Recovering From An Injury and Other Stuff

A Commission I did.

     So I decided to help an old woman get a wood doll house out of the trash for a little girl that she claimed had no toys.   Later on that day I felt the intense pain of a pulled muscle.  I waited a day and went to the Urgent Care center, they gave me a shot and then sent me on my way with two prescriptions.  I had to quit taking both of them, because the muscle relaxant was making my pain worse and the Naproxen was making me lethargic.

     It took a day or so to come off the Naproxen, but it triggered a terrifying episode of sleep paralysis, that I never want to have again.   I saw this giant red gargoyle sitting on my abdomen and I couldn't do anything!  I could move my leg, but it seemed nothing was making me move.

     Sleep paralysis is when you wake up before your REM cycle has finished, i.e. your eyes open but your body is still asleep.   I.E. why they call it "sleep paralysis" and it's not pleasant at all.

     So when I discussed my injury with a friend of mine, they suggested that half the battle was a vitamin deficiency, and they were right.   I took one capsule of calcium and things changed almost immediately.  I am also taking this thing called "Joint Care" it's a giant black pill but it brings back mobility to my arm and as a result my muscles haven't been stressed out and can heal quicker.   I am also taking Potassium and Magnesium Citrate.

     I did start a crochet project before all this happened; however, the weakness in my left arm made it to difficult to do anything.  :(    I'll be fine though.   I have been working on coloring pages and just doing my nails and playing some Dota2.  I will add some pictures of what I have.

I am finding that I prefer colored pencils over markers because blending with a pencil is much easier than without.

This one is finished, but I didn't take a picture of the completed page.    I love coloring pages, because I get to be artistic and not have to  pull out all of these supplies!   It's simple and I can start, stop, and finish when I feel like it.

I was just looking through the old photos that I have posted on this website and I think I might share some for laughs.

When my son wasn't so mobile!

Now he's riding the bus to school! :(

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