August 22, 2016

Mr. Peaches (betta fish) and my 2nd grader...

This is my new pet betta fish, a dumbo halfmoon betta!  I got him about a week ago as an early birthday present (we had a good coupon and PetsMart had a decent sale).   I raised at least two before this, but that was almost 11 years ago.

I've forgotten how weird they can be!  LOL.  Spent awhile figuring out the tank set up and getting his water right.  I also had to train him on how to eat pellets at the surface as opposed to on the bottom of his cup.   That took awhile and was scary because he wasn't eating and it was making me concerned.

I also thought he might be hiding in the corner of his tank because he keeps seeing himself in the reflection of his tank.  So I put one of Noah's drawings on the back.  He flared at that and everything else since then.  He goes in his cave which took him about 5 days to find!  LOL.

Also, Noah is starting 2nd grade this year and it's amazing to see him grow!  He had a rough day today, came home with a knot on his forehead because of an accident while on the play ground.   He bumped his head on the fence.

That mischievous look!  Hahahaha...

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