May 27, 2009

Is Something Wrong With Me?

I honestly don't feel like crocheting and have had no motivation to do so! What is wrong with me? I guess it started this past weekend, when I went to do traveling, and brought my bag of cotton with me. I couldn't think of what I wanted to make. It's aggrivating. Perhaps I will do work on my afghan today as well.
I am starting on a new doily for myself. The same one I did last time, because I wanted that one. I am diong a different color.

One of the random things I started, it's a mesh like dishcloth that I just made up by doing BLO or FLO stitches.

This is square designed by Aurora Mae, and I just figured I turn it into one of my panels for my afghan. Got two more to make!

Noah's pool, it used to be a bath tub, but since I already have TWO, it's now his swimming pool.
Cute photograph.
Interesting flowers.
Noah is swimming in his pool.

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  1. There's not a thing at all wrong with you! I think everyone has "crocheters block" every now and then. It's a good time to read a book or maybe try your hand at a different craft. Knitting a dishcloth always works for me :)

    BTW... I LOVE the pic of Noah in his pool. The hat is just the perfect touch. What a perfectly adorable little boy you have :)